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Culture Shock & Mobility Workshops
Début Lundi 12 Février 2018 -  12:00
Fin Jeudi 26 Avril 2018 - 14:00

Culture Shock & Mobility Workshops are weekly discussion sessions led by international students from the MA course on intercultural management.

They are a great opportunity to learn about different cultures and countries, share your experiences of life in France or abroad, as a foreigner, or prepare for future travels.

The workshops are held in English which make them a great chance to develop your language skills! They take place at a fixed time every week and are open to all students registered at UB, who can sign up for free.

During the workshops you will talk about various topics connected with culture, such as:

  • Cross-cultural sensitivity
  • Cultural differences in business
  • Dealing with culture shock when on mobility
  • Different concepts in different cultures, including ethics, family values, jokes and humour, stereotypes, table manners and food....

Come and join for workshops our students in intercultural management this semester!

Sessions are as follows (you choose one fixed session for the semester):

  • Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 12-1pm
  • Tuesday and Thursday, 1-2pm

All sessions will take place in Pôle AAFE or the Droit-Lettres building on campus.

If you are interested, please sign up using the online form. Our students will then contact you by email to confirm your inscription.

The number of places is limited. When you sign up, you are committing to attend all the workshop sessions at the same time every week (until the end of April, excluding vacations).

Comments from students who participated in the previous workshops:

  • "The workshop itself is really interesting, because we learn many things about our own culture and others. This workshop will help us to be ready if we want to travel. It is a good way to meet new interesting people. I think sincerely, it would be a good thing to have this kind of workshop in all courses."
  • "It is worth participating because tutors always bring interesting issues and the classes were always motivating."
  • "They were understanding, funny, they had many examples from their own experience, they know how to involve everyone in our group to discuss topics and enjoy themselves."

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